Home. Sweet. (Hilton Head) Home.

What’s so great about Hilton Head Island?
It’s more than just a world renowned vacation destination!

I’ve watched Hilton Head grow now for over 50 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how little visitors vacationing here know about the island. Well, for the most part they at least know it’s an island. Rarely do they realize how big the island is at 40 square miles and a year round population of 40,000 residents. They know there’s a beach (12 miles of Atlantic Ocean shoreline) maybe a few golf courses (21 on island) and of course a few places to eat (over 250 restaurants). So, it’s just like any other beach vacation destination.

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What would Hilton Head be without Sea Pines?

It is pretty safe to say that there would be no Hilton Head Island as we know it today if there had never been a Sea Pines Plantation.  Charles Fraser set the standard for Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s) that would be followed for years and decades to come. He first learned about the new concept of PUD’s while at Yale Law School, and he dreamed of one day putting these concepts to the test.

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