Ocean Palms Fractional Ownership

Why own more than you can use? Premium location and walking distance to the beach!  Ocean Palms is a 1/5th deeded fractional ownership property allowing each owner 10 weeks of use per year on a calendar rotation of 2 weeks back to back 5 times annually as well as management by the Westin Oceanfront Resort.  Designer furnished 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums and townhomes, updated bathrooms, 2 on site swimming pools, and a wonderful golf & tennis package with ownership.


Plum Co-Ownership

Co-ownership is not a new phenomenon as there are over 2 million co-owned houses in the United States today. Plum Co-Ownership is a platform for this mode of ownership, incorporating best practices from this model and building technology around the process. These ownership arrangements are typically focused on single residences and have a much smaller number of owners. Generally, these small ownership groups use an LLC structure in which case the owners own shares in the Limited Liability Corporation that owns the house. The latter model is popular because it provides liability protection to the owners.